Why Victrocious?

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Why the title Victrocious? I guess I was a handful as a child. Victrocious was my father’s nickname for me. I think he was mixing “Vicki” and “ferocious.” Today at age 54 I have a small farm in Northern Maine in a town whose population is barely 400. I believe in organic farming, improving the soil and giving back to the community. I understand small business and have run a masonry supply yard amongst other things. I enjoy small communities and the closeness of the townsfolk. I am a proud Mom who loves my children and grandchildren. I am married to a good man who thinks I’m pretty good too. With all that being said, I must admit I have a New Englander’s dry sense of humor. To quote Dr. Seuss: From here to there and there to here, funny things are everywhere.

Thanks for reading my blog ~ Vicki Beaulieu Page

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