By Sarah L. Vigue


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Is there a way to improve upon marriage and to return it to what it once meant: authenticity? Getting covenanted with God solemnizes the ceremony of holy matrimony. How would this look?

First this sacred ceremony happens during the early morning or late evening with the ceremony decorations and atmosphere reflecting Mystery and Anticipation. As the solemnity of marriage occurs, the man and woman are gathered together with the biblical church (whether in a church building or not is left up to the couple’s own discretion) and an anointed pastor/priest/bishop/cardinal with the option of having the one or 3 different leaders to represent the Trinity to whom the couple is making the holy marriage covenant. Soldiers and messengers of the Lord (angels) take the place of the groomsmen and bridesmaids that have become so customary.

The “Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this congregation, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony; which is an honorable estate, instituted of God…” are said along with the pastors definition of marriage or any relevant speech that has come from the previous weeks of biblical marriage counseling the couple has undertaken. All around the couple could be torches or candle light.

The couple would speak to the fact that they have disclosed all secrets and confessed all that needs confessing to each other so that the marriage will be lawful. After confirming this, the official would have the couple promise themselves to one another, then the couple would act as one entity making a promise to God. The official would read, from the Bible, the Lord’s part of the marriage covenant.

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So both the husband and wife should pledge/promise to take one another, answering to the pastor as well as recite a vow* together to God as they will now be considered one under him. They will light a torch or unity candle (or pour colored sand into one container together) while the symbolic act is explained. They are pronounced husband and wife and rings, if chosen, would be exchanged.

At this point, the Eucharistic supper/communion between the two and a joint water baptism should take place. After this, a peace dove may be released representing the Holy Spirit who is present.

There is a prayer and blessing from the anointed pastor/official in addition to the signing of the marriage certificate to make the sacred marriage also secularly legal if preferred.

What do you think about the above and the ramifications – small or large, seemingly unrelated of very obviously connected? For example, if you aren’t legally married but covenanted by the church, you could take tax benefits as a single person while still being married but whose last name would your kids have? Write your comments below!

*The vow between the man the woman should involve repenting from singleness and turning to being a couple that function as one unit. This is because there is an order of salvation (Ordo Salutis) turning from something (single in this case) into something  (a couple in unity) as part of salvation and a covenant to God.